A Special Birthday

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I must be getting old because my children are growing up.  Especially my fur child who turned 2 years old this past Saturday *sigh*  It seems like only yesterday that we brought her home and watched her explore her new surroundings (and subsequently peed on our carpet); and now she is an old mutt.


Because we spoil our fur baby rotten, she had a very special birthday on Saturday.  After letting her sleep on the bed most of the morning, she was allowed to have her DentaChew early in the day.  She was pretty pleased with that.


Later in the afternoon we headed to Cosmos dog park in Gilbert and let her swim and run around with the other dogs.  It is obvious that she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when, after fetching a ball in the water and making her way back to the shore, she would then try and catch other balls floating around her and swim in circles.  It pretty funny to watch but a tad embarrassing when Paul and I both had to consider that we may need to rescue her from the muddy waters because she was too dumb to swim back and tire herself out.  Alas, she made it out and even posed for some photos.


Mommy and her little brother also got a couple shots in.


(yes my child is sucking on the plastic clip on the carrier; he hates pacifiers but when it comes to anything random he can suck on he’s game…I feel like I’m going to have a future of pulling random things out of his mouth)

After stopping at Sonic to enjoy a pretzel dog (totally not worth getting again; the bun was soggy and I was disappointed with the lack of “pretzelness.” It wasn’t a word until I made it up), Zoë then had the choice of either a rawhide bone or a peanut butter bone.  She made her decision quickly…


Peanut butter won in case anyone cares, but she has decided she is done with that bone since she can’t seem to access anymore peanut butter out of the center.  Clearly she has a short attention span and we have come to the conclusion that we may have picked the dumbest dog out of the litter; the jury is still out on that.

Hopefully she has enjoyed the first two years of her life because I’m pretty sure the next couple are going to be spent being tortured by a toddler.  I’m looking forward to seeing it Smile

Never Read Harry Potter Before Bed

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I think the title of this post sort of speaks for itself.

On Saturday night, Paul and I went to bed early (because we are old and parents…and old) and while Paul was reading some book about a military sniper, I dived into the fourth Harry Potter book.  Apparently that wasn’t the best idea because when I dozed off I started dreaming about snakes; particularly a pet snake that Paul had.  Let me clarify by saying that my husband has NEVER owned a pet snake, but because Lord Voldermort has a talking pet snake in Harry Potter, apparently I transfixed Paul as being a snake owner.

Well, low and behold I began talking in my sleep and because Paul was still awake reading, I apparently was very angrily asking him about what he did with his pet snake.  He said that I was really upset that he didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about, and when he realized that I was talking in my sleep, started egging me on with questions like, “When did I get my pet snake?” and “Tell me more about my pet snake…”

When I couldn’t explain anything to him, I simply told him nevermind and went back to sleep.

Needless to say, I have been getting teased all week about my husband’s “pet snake” and that I was right in assuming he has a snake, just not the kind you keep as a pet.  Clearly we try and keep it classy in this house.

Style Muse

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As I eluded to in my last post, one of my new year’s goals was to rebuild my wardrobe.  After I had William, I found myself standing in front of my closet not wanting to wear any of my old clothes, mostly because they just didn’t feel like “me” anymore.  After purging my closet (and making a generous donation to the Goodwill in the process), I was left with very few items to wear.   I realized that I was gravitating towards those pieces that were of better quality, and mostly had gotten rid of all my shirts from Forever 21, Target, and other discount clothing stores. 

I decided that I needed to focus on high quality basic items, and use accessories and shoes to provide the variety that I wanted, and needed a good style muse to help guide. 

Enter: Kate Middleton.


Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge has become my go-to source for getting ideas on clothing items that are timeless and classic, and also serve to be stylish in the process.  I’ve realized that the Duchess has some key pieces that she gravitates toward, and will soon be adding to my closet. 

Basic Blazer






Skinny Jeans






I can’t wait to start filling up my closet with some Kate-inspired clothes and will be sure to show you guys what I get in the process. 

Who is your style muse?

Talking ‘bout my resolutions…

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Happy 2014 everyone! 

2014 free greeting card photo 1 780x735 2014 Greeting Cards | Happy 2014 Images


I hope that everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve and are relaxing from whatever festivities you all took part in last night.  Our New Years was pretty quiet; just family at home, watching TV, and drinking some fantabulous champagne…

A new year usually means new resolutions.  I prefer to call them goals, just because then I am more likely to take them seriously.  Let’s be honest, most people don’t end up keep their resolutions (ahem, all the people that sign up at the gym on January 1st…), so I figure if I call them goals I don’t have such a limited time frame and can work on them past a year if I need to (sneaky I know).

Here is a list of some of the goals that I am working on for 2014:

  • Rebuild my wardrobe
  • Finish the Harry Potter series
  • Take Zoë on walks at least 3-4x/week
  • Find a new church
  • Get a massage every 3 months
  • Limit the amount of time I spend on my phone (I am the worst “checker” I swear)
  • Blog more consistently
  • Get family photos taken
  • Give up soda

I am pretty  happy with my list and tried my hardest to incorporate some enjoyable activities  that I could work towards (who doesn’t like massages?!) in an effort to allow myself some opportunities to really take care of myself.  I’m thinking that 2014 will be the year that I really focus on bettering myself on various levels. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions/goals for 2014?

I’m Still Here!

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I promise that I haven’t been avoiding blogging on purpose!  I am starting to get into a pretty good routine taking care of my little one while also balancing taking care of household responsibilities, as well as fitting in some me time :)

I’m hoping to get back into a consistent blogging schedule soon, but this may not be a reality until after the New Year; the whole “Christmas and family obligations” thing will be taking up the bulk of my time!

If I don’t post before the New Year, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Best wishes for another year filled with blessings and joy!WD_0097

What No One Tells You

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Becoming a mom has become one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  No one tells you how much love you will feel for this little human the moment you lay eyes on them.  But what everyone else also fails to tell you how difficult being a new mom can really be.  I was a younger sibling, so I was never used to being around babies before; I’m pretty sure that I changed a total of 5 diapers in my life prior to having William (now I feel like I’ve changed 500).

My biggest struggle over the past month has definitely been breastfeeding.  My milk was slow to come in and in the beginning we had to supplement with formula.  About 4 days after having him, it finally came in but I was still not producing enough to satisfy him.  Over the course of the next few weeks we continued to supplement and I was seemingly attached to my pump morning, noon, and night in an effort to increase my supply.  I had great success with one of my breasts, while the other one lagged behind; it was incredibly frustrating.  I sought out help on every blog, baby website, and through the assistance of a lactation consultant, my pediatrician, friends, and my OB.  Everyone kept telling me not to stress about it, but it was hard; you have this idea of how things are going to go while you are pregnant and when it doesn’t pan out like how you thought, you feel like a failure.  Especially when our society is so incredibly verbal about how breast is best.

After discovering William was tongue-tied and getting his tongue clipped, we battled with what we thought was acid reflux, and finally discovered today that he has a milk intolerance.  After Paul had seen the difficulty I was having with breastfeeding and listening to me cry on end about how I thought I was a bad mom, we decided that instead of changing and deeply restricting my entire diet in an effort to continue breastfeeding, to go with formula full-time.  This was a very hard decision for me to come to, but ultimately I know it is what is right for my baby and for me in order to be the best mom ever.  Thankfully I have had nothing but support from my friends, family, and medical practitioners as we made this decision and going forward I feel very positive about the future.

I hope that as first time soon-to-be mom’s are doing research while they are preparing for baby they hear the stories from women like myself who struggled in the beginning, but ultimately found the best fit for them, their baby, and their family.

I’m Pretty Much Obsessed With You

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Mommyhood has definitely hit me like a MAC truck.  I’m pretty much obsessed with my baby and have been doing my best to take care of his every need and want.




I have to say that it hasn’t been the smoothest transition and we have encountered some bumps in the road, but Paul and I are finally getting into a pattern around here that will hopefully hold for the foreseeable future.  Tearing myself away from William is difficult since he much prefers to be held over being put in his swing or pack n’ play, but I promise I will get around to blogging regularly again soon!  It’s crazy to think that a week from today he will be one month old; time flies!